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YOLOLOLOLO420's wonderful setup

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December 24th, 2016 · 2 min read

It’s been a while since we did a setup review, so we decided to do a quick break from the setup build series and get back to glorious amazing setups. Fortunately we stumbled upon a setup that’s exactly glorious and amazing, simply beautiful.

Image 1

Reddit user /u/YOLOLOLOLO420 stated he recently moved together with his girlfriend and started his dream setup build. It took him half a year for buying parts and planning, but all the time and effort paid off.

Starting by the desk, he’s the using the popular IKEA KARLBY counter-top combined with steel legs by HairpinLegs, the dark wood plus black legs turn out really well. Other than the beautiful ultrawide, YOLOLOLOLO420 is going the minimalistic way, the desk is very clean with compact gear. He’s rocking the KBP V60 with brown Gateron switches a fantastic 60% keyboard, with the Royal Glam cas for 60% in dark walnut completing his black/wood theme. The MX Master follows that trend too with the brownly gold and black. What headphones could suit this setup better than the Fostex ? with those glossy wooden ear-cups, the answer is none.

Image 2
Image 3

Cable management is on point, the only cable on the desk is the custom keyboard cable, in the keyboard community that’s a cable to show not to hide so all good. Other gear is hidden to the right where it won’t interrupt his day-to-day computer usage.

Not only the setup, but the whole room is very eye pleasing, the dark wood and black parts look very well with the white walls and gray floor, the carpet reminds us of the wood and complete the look. Big plant on the left and IKEA pots to the right of the desk spicy things up in both sides. The warm lighting on both sides is the last touch that makes this setup perfect, no RGB lighting just simple yellow warm lighting, very classy.

Image 4
Image 5

The PC powering this setup is a custom i5 build in the compact Fractal Design Node 304, his laptop of choice is the 13” Macbook with Madagascar Ebony from Slickwraps to go with the theme.

A masterpiece.

Desk Setup:

PC build:

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