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Totally Silenced Tech's gorgeous setup

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September 28th, 2016 · 1 min read

Black and white setups are easy to build, parts are everywhere, white Ikea furniture is commonly available, black gear is also fairly accessible. But the question is can you go the extra mile and make the setup different ? definitely Marc from Totally Silenced Tech did and made an exceptional black and white themed setup.

Image 1

Marc has a huge screen real-estate, three monitors in horizontal mode perfectly aligned, and an ultra-wide on top as an overhead. All cables going to the monitors are going through the wall, he made a hole in the wall, routed the cables and redid the painting to get that awesome floating monitors effect, perfect job.

His gear is all chosen to match the theme: black and white Wavemaster two speakers, black keyboard with some white key caps, white desk, black desk pad, black mouse, white PS4, white M50x…

Image 2

In the cable management department, Marc drilled holes in the desk to route speakers cables, keyboard and mouse to give them that nice wireless effect. As you expect from the guy who routed his wires through the wall his setup is flawless, no cable in sight and everything looks wireless and floating. Keeping a white setup shining is difficult but Marc is clearly doing a great job, we only find necessary items in the setup zone.

Epic work.

Image 3

Desk Setup:

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