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Reems2020's beautiful setup

Top Setup Magazine
September 27th, 2016 · 1 min read

This time we’re featuring Reddit user Reems2020’s setup, and Wow !!

Image 1
Image 2

His desk is the nowadays popular Ikea KARLBY countertop over 2 Ikea Alex drawers, can’t get tired of that epic combination. Let’s talk about the monitors, he’s stacking two 25” ultra-wides horizontally with a 36” ultra-wide vertically putting his eyes in the center to have a great vision.

Reems2020 takes good care of his back and went with an ergonomic chair instead of a gaming chair, he has a Staples Hyken mesh chair, a very great option that doesn’t break the bank.

Image 3
Image 4

His white Varmilo VB87M mechanical keyboard adds a nice white touch to the setup reminding us of his Mac laptop on the side and his white PC build near the desk. The lamps and plant complete the setup, and don’t let us spot any voids on the sides.


Desk Setup:

PC build

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