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August L's earthy setup

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February 26th, 2017 · 2 min read

It’ been a while we’re planing some great upgrades to the setup, the reveal is sooner than what you think, for now let’s do a review of probably one of the best setups we ever reviewed, the amount of work put in this one is insane.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

August L apparently from Sweden has built this setup and he did it right.

At the first glance at this setup you get the theme, it’s very retro looking, earthy warm and cozy. The wood on the counter top which looks like another awesome KARLBY, (we should have gotten a KERLBY instead of a GERTON, we regret it every time but going to mod that soon). Wood on the headphones holder, the wrist rest of that gorgeous 60% keyboard, and as always that dark gold on MX Master just fits in dark wooden setups. The metallic pots helps hiding the modern look of some aluminum parts like the USB hub and audio amplifier.

The huge 4K monitor is sandwiched with 2 warm yellow lamps that contributes greatly to the rusty retro look he seeks. The desk is sitting on ALEX drawers, the modern look is not the best addition to his theme but I think he will do something about those.

Image 4
Image 5

Cable management is on point, there are no cables on the surface of the desk. Very likely he drilled a hole for that gorgeous Tex Beetle keyboard which by the way uses Cherry MX clears, so he must have some strong fingers. The cable channel look out of place with the retro look so he needs to do something about it, probably use some copper parts to boost the steampunk appearance.

Image 6
Image 7

The reason we’ve been harsh on the small details is that August is very talented and can fix those issue with some of the magic he used on his PC, ladies and gentlemen this is what a real “custom PC” looks like:

Image 8

Why even spend the time describing it, this masterpiece speaks for itself, it has brown, it has rust, it has black, water-cooled, fully customized, very retro looking and steampunky, we can only salute his talent and dedication to the theme.

This one of the best setups we’ve ever seen, setup building is getting more and more challenging, to make a special setup there must be an additional things that make it stand from the crowd of setups that can be replicated using off-the-shelf parts. It’s always a joy to see artsy setups that show the dedication, talent and effort, it’s what we enjoy the most reviewing.

WOW, sir August if we had a seal it will be yours.

Desk Setup:

PC build:

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