3 Great PC builds

2018 has been difficult for PC builders, with mining taking all GPUs then the RAM overpricing issue, but things are heading in the right direction now. GPUs are getting cheaper, new Ryzen are released, Intel and Nvidea will release new generations and RAM might keep rising in price, so maybe the next couple of months are the best time to build a PC. We compiled a list of 3 PC builds that you could replicate which will offer you great performance and value.

1- Compact, modern, powerful

This is a fantastic build if you want a small form factor PC that won’t take much space and very portable. The build is by Optimum Tech featuring an Intel i7 8700K and a GTX 1080 Ti, all in the tiny clean NCASE M1. Certainly going Mini-ITX isn’t a bad idea these days and compromises are close to none.


2- Value 4K RGB Gaming PC

This is a great build by by GeekaWhat that will offer insane 1440p gaming capabilities as well as respectable 4K gaming depending on the title, great aesthetics if you like the gaming RGB look.

RGB Gaming PC

3- Clean look and great performance

If you are trying to build a good productivity/gaming PC, look no further. “Snow Maiden” by Rathma_ offers all that in the popular beautiful NZXT H500i, clean and modern build that will fit nicely with a white or wooden setup.

Budget PC