Setup build series: some green accent [Quickie 1]

We think the touch of green in a setup is essential to add some life to it. Beside the aesthetics, a real or fake plant can have many other benifits. We will go over creating a cheap good looking plant for our setup build we hope you like it.

If you didn’t follow the journey from the beginning please check part 1, 2 and 3:

Preparing soil

First you need to find some good dark soil, and put it on a cardboard to dry.

drying soil

After a few days, use a sieve and a bucket to filter any rocks and roots. Use your hands to make the maximum of soil go through the sieve and break into fine particles.

sieving soil
sieving soil

Making the plant

For this step you will need an IKEA plant, glass vase, hot glue gun, paper, pen and white rocks, these are linked below.

We fill the glass vase with the soil.

fill vase with soil
Then we take the fake grass from the IKEA plant.

Trace the form of the inside of the vase on the paper and plan where to put each leaf.

Glue time, glue each leaf in place and make glue links in between to keep the structure.

Now peel the glue from paper, the structure should be strong enough to stand by itself.

Now you can put the grass in the vase, let it go under the soil a bit and do final touches before adding white rocks.

Some final tweaks, we decided to narrow it at the bottom to give the white rocks more space, and to make the contrast between soil and rocks pop out.

And it’s done.


We hope you like it and probably consider making yours, see you next time.