Ed from TechSource setup

Another black and red gaming and productivity setup, this time from Edgar Oganesyan Youtuber and tech reviewer, host of the famous Setup Wars show at TechSource channel. Ed is considered one of the great evangelists of the setup culture and done a lot of work sharing setup ides through his show, so as you expect his setup is flawless.

We’re featuring his setup as in his video ‘Ultimate Desk Setup Tour - Early 2016’, he made some changes and improvements that we will certainly cover in the future.

This setup is made with care, everything is centered, aligned and will satisfy your OCD. From the acoustic foam squares to the Youtube Play Button to the ultra-wide monitor, everything is nicely positioned.

As you expect from a tech guy, great parts choices. Every part is chosen to serve a purpose in making his experience as easy and enjoyable as possible without any unnecessary things on the way.

Cable management is exceptional with only one wire dangling because he has a motorized desk that he keeps moving.

Very very impressive work Ed.

Desk Setup: