MarzBar's home setup

Today’s guest setup belongs to Alex Brooks, known for his channels MarzBarGaming, MarzBarVlogs and TechFlow. We are featuring the home setup, since he has another office setup that will be featured soon.

The main star of the show is that triple monitor setup, one ultra-wide in the center, sandwiched by 2 1080 monitors angled providing a huge screen real estate for video editing, gaming and multitasking. Alex’s clearly loves lights so you’ll find LEDs and Philips Hue bulbs everywhere in his setup, behind monitors, behind the desk, even in the skull up top.

Cable management is great too, no wires are visible. The PC is in the back room and wires come seamlessly through the wall. Keyboard and mouse cables used to run through a hidden hole in the table, now he has one less wire to worry about since he got the wireless mouse.

Absolutely great work.

Desk Setup: